Thursday, December 4, 2014


Alleged Criminal Breach Of The 1953 Coronation Oath
British Monarchy 2014 
Final Mandamus Notice Filed 5.12.14
ETC 2 3 4 5 as related to the void Hudson's Bay Company Charter Fitzgerald Examinations
Dear UK Doughty Street Chambers : W Jordash QC : Contacted
UN Secretary General & The Permanent Indigenous Peoples Rapporteur
Indigenous Peoples Daniels & HRC Crocker Denied Legal Counsel To Prepare Allegations Brief To RCMP

The following submission seeks to clarify the rationale of our continued contentions that (emailed)
  1. Elizabeth & Canada are duty bound by international case law, the UN Charter; and, in particular, the 1953 Coronation Oath as undertaken by Elizabeth II on behalf of the Empire to protect and preserve her peoples in justice and mercy; including, but not limited to the adequate state funding of competent legal counsel of choice to occupied, non-treatied indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island North of the 49th parallel (Canada); and,
  2. That failing to so do (as we allege has occurred, herein) by Elizabeth II / Canada or agents thereof constitutes a criminal breach of this said Coronation Oath - of which she is not exempt from prosecution, therein.
  3. With regard to the aforementioned, we have continued to solicit such Crown funded legal counsel since 2005. And, Elizabeth II has redirected her presumed duty of care to her permanent indigenous wards of the state to Crown Canada - who continues to deny such legal counsel in general; and, in particular, to the two parties Marjorie Daniels and Hereditary Chief Ernest Crocker in matters arising from submissions of information to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police files Numbers 2014-3041 & 2014-3042 : theft>$2M; and, conspiracy
  4. Further, in these matters, supra, Prime Minister Harper has failed to provide either legal counsel to prepare the RCMP information brief after continued petition - including, failing to assign officers from his AANDC (Indian Affairs Ministry), as petitioned for, wherein, these officers will collate their files on matters of fact as related to the allegations arising in the information to these RCMP criminal investigation files;
  5. Additionally, the House of Commons Official Opposition and associate opposition parties, having been informed of these deficiencies, have also evidently determined not to seek a reply from the Prime Minister during the House Question Period
  6. Additionally : The solicitation for stated funded legal counsel for Ms. Daniels and HRC Crocker is founded upon the evident continued human rights violations by Crown Canada against Original indigenous Peoples : i.e., historical child (50,000) deaths while incarcerated at Indian Residential Schools up to 1996; modern day 70% penal incarceration rates; 60% of children seized into Crown custody; theft of land and resources; trespass contrary to UN Charter, Chapter VII provisions; and, acts contrary the The Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act provisions / note : 60,000 Indian Day School victims have filed a $15-B abuse Class Action suit against Crown Canada in 2009
  7. Therefore, this matter of Marjorie Daniels & HRC Ernest Crocker is symptomatic of the wider and general argued Crown Canada conspiracy to deny Original indigenous Peoples their entitlements under such provisions as the tenets of Free Prior Informed Consent; and, of paramountcy in their traditional and continued sovereign lands.
  8. In Summation : Crown Canada continues to diminish legal aid services; 90% of original indigenous Peoples attend court without legal counsel; poverty is rampant in these indigenous nations; and, evidence of PTSD prevails from these Indian Residential and Day School victimizations - the Stockholm Syndrome overwhelms indigenous Peoples' efforts to claim forward against Crown Canada
  9. The Strategy : Reverse Onus is employed by Crown Canada in matters of land title claims. A scholarly review of the the occupation by the United Kingdom / England / Britain reveals that there is no legitimate entitlement to seize lands away from Original indigenous Peoples into the possession of Elizabeth II, her heirs and successors. Hence, challenging Elizabeth's Canadian dominion through the obligations incumbent in the 1953 Coronation Oath has been our preferred campaign since 2005. And, through this criminal information allegations brief there will arise the specious nature of the Hudson's Bay Charter and the Charles II Ruperts Land grant. Consequently, a court of competent jurisdiction (i.e, the Hague via an introduction via the Netherlands) will deduce that a modern era trade agreement between the rightful, paramount Original indigenous Peoples and the non-native Peoples shall be arrived at through the United Nations Human Rights Commission and the associate Permanent Indigenous Peoples Rapporteur
  10. Addendum : These adjudications, supra, may serve as a global template for resolutions of land titles. And, Marjorie Daniels and HRC Ernest Crocker won't have to continue to live in a diseased and dilapidated home - of which Crown Canada claims jurisdiction through the creation of the legal fiction reserve.
Therefore, Mister Jordash, we do appreciate that your time is limited by existing obligations to other international clients. But, we do seek your reply again (you having asked for clarity of purpose in your June 15, 2014 email response to our initial contact) on this principal issue of challenging Elizabeth II for breach of the Coronation Oath in relation to issues arising from these points, as above:
  1. Will you entertain receiving a substantial information dossier; detailing the propositions of such a challenge?
  2. Where you agree to review our more detailed and substantive information; what would be your fee structure for retainer and costs?
 Huy'ch'qu' / Thank You / Merci
on behalf of
Kwa'mutsun Nation & Collegial Associates
Original indigenous Peoples of The IGO Great Turtle Island Federation
 In Criminal Allegations Against Crown Canada & Its Agents
Since 1795, Original indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island North have journeyed to England / UK to voice objections to breaches of accord. In 1923, the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois Confederacy) dispatched Chief Deskaheh / Levi General to the League of Nations for purposes of further declarations of breaches of these said compacts. And, in 2013 the sovereign Kwa'mutsun Nation Head of State Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem gathered hereditary chiefs on Vancouver Islands southern territory to attend a Crown Canada British Columbia Supreme Court to deliver Notice of Trespass upon Elizabeth II via her attending agent Judge Greyell.