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Final Notice To Provide Legal Counsel For Marjorie Daniels and HRC Ernest Crocker Post Haste re Open RCMP Files Complaints
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Goodwin RC <>Fri, Dec 5, 2014 at 3:32 AM


Cc: KATHY BICKLE <>,, Ross Silvey <>, Kaneekaneet a <>, Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem <>,

Dear Hon Prime Minister Stephen Harper
cc: Elizabeth II; UN Security Council; European Union, Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
cc: Leaders : Official Opposition Thomas Mulcair; Justin Trudeau, Liberals; Elizabeth May, Green

re Obstruction of a Police Investigation : failing to provide reasonable duty of care : per prevailing Coronation Oath stipulations; namely, providing confirming records within your possession : Legal Counsel For Marjorie Daniels and HRC Ernest Crocker Post Haste
re Crimes Against Humanity & War Crimes Act, Canada; per UN Charter obligations
This is the Final Mandamus Notice to forthwith contact Marjorie Daniels & HRC Ernest Crocker : Tel  or; wherein, Crown Canada enters into a fully-state-funded legal counsel provision to these two aggrieved parties; and, through which a comprehensive, quality information file shall be provided to RCMP Cst Chris Chanin; enabling him to investigate the existing files on matters of alleged loss of rightful income from land holdings (Daniels loss circa >$2-M); failure to complete contract for domicile repairs (Daniels loss circa $22,940); and, allegations of ministry and agent misappropriation of funds (solicitation of domicile repair funds not applied for by party HRC Crocker). These allegations are initiated through reasonable and probable cause; not malicious nor vindictive; nor capricious.
In the event that you / your office or agent (Ministry of Justice & AANDC) fail to forthwith comply before days end December 5th, 2014 with your evident duty of care [oath undertaking to Elizabeth II, her heirs and or successors] to these two parties, supra; then, I am instructed to proceed with management of their instructions to seek remediation through international law provisions; which entails the proceeding with claims - including, but not limited to - in the UK relating to breach of the Coronation Oath; and, the UN Charter, Chapter VII provisions.
In Truth
huy'ch'qu' / merci / thank you / miiqwich
Ralph Charles Goodwin / Yuxwuletun (Eagle per Stitumaatulwut Hwuneem & associate Elders of Kwa'mutsun Nation); Chancellor of Laws at the IGO Great Turtle Island Federation as registered at the UN in 2013
Speaker / Shqwi'qwal on behalf of Marjorie Daniles and HRC Ernest Crocker
cc : General Media Release